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How Predictive Marketing Improves Customer Experience

How Predictive Marketing Improves Customer Experience

In modern business environments, high competition requires marketers to create compelling customer experiences (CX). Predictive marketing, an AI-driven technology approach to analyze customer data and build CX predictions, supports this process by generating customer...

Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing

The Infusion of Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing

If you have ever been involved in marketing, you would have an idea, what it takes to come up with content, marketing it to the right people and analyzing your marketing campaigns. What if you are provided with a platform that can perform all these tasks for you? Yes, this is actually what Artificial Intelligence does for content marketers.

Top 5 AI SaaS startups for salespeople

Top 5 AI SaaS Startups for Salespeople

AI-first SaaS startups can meaningfully help analyze big datasets for patterns to deliver completely new CRM experiences, cloud solutions, and customer insights for salespeople. Their solutions enable businesses to learn a lot from custom...

Why data matters for AI-powered marketing

Why Data Matters for AI-powered Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers marketers almost an infinite ability to interpret loads of customer data into meaningful and actionable insights, which creates tremendous value for business. But when it comes to the point, fewer...