5 Most Promising AI Marketing Startups 2019

In February, CB Insights research portal published their annual report about AI 100 startups that will be disrupting a variety of major industries in 2019. Their research has covered over 3,000 private companies in and outside the United States, working across the artificial intelligence value chain in 12 core sectors, including marketing, healthcare, retail, finance, cybersecurity, and others.

Based on multiple select criteria (such as market potential, tech novelty, team strength, patent activity, investor profile, others), they have come up with a list of the 100 most promising companies – from emerging startups to established businesses – that develop and provide hardware and data infrastructure for building AI-powered applications, workflows and environments for business.

Top-100 artificial intelligence startups redefining industries 2019

source: cbinsights.com

AI-enabled martech startups

In the AI 100 list, five titles – BounceX, Unbabel, Gong, Gamalon, and FullStory have been presented as the top 5 martech startups that offer enterprise-level, AI-powered platform solutions for B2B marketers and salespeople.

Top-5 AI startups disrupting marketing in 2019

BounceXFounded in 2010 in San Francisco, US. Funded for $79M by 10 investorsEvergage, Clicktale
UnbabelFounded in 2013 in New York, US. Funded for $31.1M by 26 investorsTransPerfect, Lionbridge Technologies
GongFounded in 2015 in San Francisco, US. Funded for $68M by 6 investorsCogito, TalkIQ
GamalonFounded in 2013 in Cambridge, US. Funded for $46.9M by 15 investorsTrifacta, SafeGraph, Talend
FullStoryFounded in 2012 in Atlanta, US. Funded for $25.8M by 4 investorsOptimizely, Matomo

To note, none of the startups (TalkIQ, deep gram, Persado, Appier, Chorus, InsideSales, drawbridge, DigitalGenius, Resci) presented in AI 100 in 2017 by CB Insights were not included in the present top list.

Unbabel – Who said language had to be a barrier?


Based in San Francisco, Unbabel offers an AI-powered language translation platform for businesses worldwide.

The startup helps companies easily build multilingual communication with their customers, without facing any language barriers. Best served for translating customer queries, website content, and real-time chats.

Unbabel uses their proprietary adaptive translation engine to translate any kind of text content at speed and scale. They involve native speakers to proofread and improve every piece of machine translation.

BounceX – Market to people, not cookies


BounceX is a powerful web tracking and lead targeting solution for marketers to recognize and understand online visitors through improved device identification. The company is based in New York and has a branch office in London.

The most prominent feature behind BounceX is an AI-powered customer behavior analytics engine that precisely identifies website users in real time and allows for delivering personalized content. It helps marketers to optimize website traffic for high conversion and send relevant messages to target users.

BounceX’s customer data analytics solution is best for running people-based marketing and behavioral email campaigns to target and optimize for designed actions. Their customers are almost any business that generates leads online, such as retail, ecommerce, IT, media, automobile, legal, insurance, etc.

Gong – Say the words that sell


Gong facilitates robust sales conversions. Absolutely.

Natural language processing (NLP) is at the heart of Gong’s proprietary technology. Their AI-enabled voice recognition engine (something like Siri or Alexa) to accurately record, analyze and transcribe a customer’s words and phrases, and even tone (anger, urgency, excitement, without a need for predefined keywords), whether it is a phone call, a video conference or an email.

Gong team understands that conversations is the basis of human connection, and they use their own AI tech to analyze customer queries and improve their sales approaching, making it even more aggressive yet effective. And that’s a great foundation for perfectioning their product.

Gamalon – know what’s inside your customer messages


As their website says, Gamalon’s natural language AI platform is “more accurate, more quick” than other similar AI systems that can only categorize the entire customer inquiry.

Gamalon offers an improved chatbot and user data analytics system that can comprehensively analyze what customers are saying and provide insights to salespeople for faster conversion. Their machine learning driven analysis of customer conversions tells you all of the ideas and sentiments in visual and text views. Pretty addictive.

Gamalon employs deep learning and other state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to collect and analyze billions of customer messages and provide actionable insights to salespersons who want to sell more in a smarter way.

FullStory – know the truth about your customer’s digital experience


FullStory is a feature-rich web & app analytics system that captures user data and provides impactful insights for product and support teams and help them search, see, and understand user experience better.

FullStory digital intelligence platform uses deep learning to record user interactions within a website or mobile app, search sessions by user attributes, segment audiences by engagement, find sessions with signs of frustration.

FullStory’s advanced data segmentation, heatmaps, A/B experiments, and other tools make it easy for marketing and sales teams to support online visitors, promote products/services, and and ultimately reduce customer churn.

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