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Artificial intelligence in marketing

Explore the power of AI-driven digital marketing to get the most out of it for your business and life.

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A.I. for marketing, explained

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence, but few really know what AI means, whether it’s real or just hype, and how it’s impacting digital marketing.

This series introduces you to the basics of AI and machine learning and explores real use cases to help you understand the impact and extent of AI-powered marketing in business and life in the next few years.

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ai for marketing explained

Business transformation

How AI-powered marketing is transforming business strategy

Personalized experiences

AI enables effective use of big data for predicting customer behavior and engaging with prospects in new and exciting ways.


Marketers are enabled to leverage customer data for smart segmentation and targeting to reach the right audiences at scale, wherever they are.


AI-powered bidding and data management systems enable advertisers to manage media spend efficiently, while delivering relevant messages to users.

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