AI martech: disruption in marketing

AI martech:
Disruption in digital marketing

Discover and respond to the disruptions within the digital marketing industry to create a sustainable business strategy for AI-enabled martech innovation.

About this guide

As artificial intelligence opens up new pathways to technology innovation and business potential in the disrupted marketing sector, you’ll have to discover new methods to managing products, customer relationships, advertising, and business data.  Get ready to understand and respond to the new digital marketing.

This guide is designed to empower marketing professionals, business decision-makers, and CMOs to explore and interpret the implications of artificial intelligence for the growing field of martech.

This guide allows you to understand the scope of the digital marketing system, how AI dynamics and innovations will impact your organization or an organization of your choice, and what you as a marketer can do to prepare for a new marketing technology landscape.

What experts say

Artificial intelligence is not an obsession of Hollywood. It breaks into our lives to become mainstream, even if we don’t realize it.
Eric Morkovich
Growth Strategy Entrepreneur
In this brave new world, we need fresh insights and knowledge to keep up with the disruptive techs like AI and machine learning.
testimonial dmitry bogdanov
Dmitro Bohdanov​
Marketing Professional

What you will learn


Artificial intelligence: the disruptive trend in martech

Explore the megatrend that shapes martech innovation and how it affects businesses and consumers in this ever-changing marketing sector.


Advertising, automation, and personalization

Find out how AI enables effective use of big data for managing media spend, [automation], and predicting customer behavior.


Creating a business strategy to disrupt marketing

Learn to develop a business strategy for either adding an AI-enabled martech initiative to your company or for guarding it against disruption.

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AI martech: Disruption in digital marketing

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