A.I., basically

A.I., basically

What artificial intelligence is and why it matters for business

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence enables computers to continuously learn from experience, analyze incoming data and adjust to changes, so they work and react like humans. Thanks to deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing, machines can be trained to accomplish specific, human-like tasks at scale, with big data involved.

In digital marketing, AI technology allows for deep customer analysis to help marketers better understand target audiences and focus on the specific needs of their customers. Online chatbots, recommender engines, content moderation, face recognition, real-time media bidders are a few examples of AI tech for marketing.


How it works

AI for marketing

Other industries


Artificial intelligence was founded as a division of computer science over 70 years ago in 1950s and since that time AI has experienced several ups and downs in its development, including AI winter. However, AI has become increasingly popular across many industries for the past decade thanks to the rise of big data and improvements in computing power and storage.